Monday, August 16, 2010

what's funny in china? :D

i took this picture when i went to wudadao with my friends, this picture quite funny, because the dog was starring  the chicken just like he want to eat this chicken, actually, he was starring on me. ahhaahaha.. :D

and this one was funny, usually we find this kind of food with apple flavor,but here.. we can find peach flavor :D taste good! just like a peach. *of course silly!*

and you can cross anywhere in China -_-"


and this is a cute cars in China. :D

this is one of public transportation here 

KFC? nyeehh~ nice try old man!

this was everybody in our university leave, because summer holiday,and new semester so thats why,they want to move all those things. :D

not only in Indonesia, :P
you know what? when he was slept there, the weather really HOT! *standing applause*

Traffic Light in Tianjin is really cool!

yeah, you can guess it :P